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In fiscal year 2013, the federal government spent $3.6 trillion on its various services. When we counting the main sources of tax revenue there are found three main sources and they are individual income taxes (47%), payroll taxes (36%), corporate income taxes (8%) and other sources like excise taxes, estate taxes and other taxes and fees (9%). Looking up these figures we realize that how important Federal individual taxes for the government so government has formed IRS to collect the various taxes from citizens and becomes mandatory to pay taxes for every citizen. Therefore during tax season every citizen rush to pay their taxes.

Gone are the when you used to spent s to calculate your taxes referring innumerable tax tables and filling tax returns with paper and pencils. Internet has changed the scenario altogether and brings technique to e-file the tax returns. Many companies have jumped into and offering various modules with various functionalities. But our software developers have developed module that is offering most simple API with user-friendly navigation blended with the knowledge of our tax experts, tax attorneys. And tax specialist. Thus, you can get accurate tax estimations, filling returns without any error and get guaranteed and fastest tax refund.

Federal Tax Calculator-Easy to Use

Don’t afraid! Our calculator is never confusing you any way. It will ask you simple questions regarding to your income and based on that it will select the tax forms and schedules for you and generate simple to use modules. You have to go step-by-step filling the required information that you have collected prior to start filling tax return. It will suggest you the ways to reduce your taxes and get maximum refund from IRS by generating pop-up menus time-to-time. If you confuse over some point you can take live help of our tax experts by live chat.

Customers also love the quick messaging system, which allows them to exchange emails between the professional tax advisers on the site. All these features make for an exceptional customer experience and reinforces the great deal that this tax return service truly is.

Why use Tax In A Hurry for your USA online tax return:

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Federal Tax Forms

There are over 800 various forms and schedules issued by IRS for various categories of tax payers. Our calculator selects the right forms and schedules for you based on your provided information. Our calculator let you fill these forms with utmost simplicity and accuracy by suggesting proper options in favor of you. The most important forms for paying individual income tax are 1040 used when you are belong to income slot of $100,000 or more, 1040A used when your income is under $100,000 and 1040EZ. Among them 1040 is longest form and consists of several schedules.

Free Federal Tax Filing

Being a US citizen you have to file a Federal tax return every year. We have made it easy for you. By using our tax calculator you can accomplish this task within hours even without paying any penny. Our calculator guides you file your return step-by-step and let you fill your e-file without error and with accurate tax estimation as well as tax refund. Recently IRS has prohibited the paper tax filling for most of the situation and made e-file practice compulsory so they can reduce work load and enable issuing tax refund rapidly.

We provide Federal tax refund services for following categories of people:

  • Student
  • Skilled Workers
  • Artists, Athletes and Entertainers
  • Citizens & Green card Holders Living Abroad
  • Withholding Tax
  • Self-employed & Independent Contractors
  • Rental income
  • Gambling Income, Grants, Prizes & Awards
Need to lodge your American Tax Return and get your Federal Tax Refund?

Our calculator will help you to get maximum Federal tax refund by suggesting better option to fill in your tax return and side by side show you what amount you likely get as Federal tax refund from IRS. With advance deposit and e-file your tax return with our calculator you can see your maximum tax refund deposited in your account within 48 hours.

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